The Exultant Sting


Quest Name: The Exultant Sting

Requirements: Level 26+ and have completed Quest: The First Hivekeeper's Journal


26,000 XP

The Exultant Sting

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Rekemeua (29.0N, 54.9E), Rakani


Rekemeua tells you,
"Thank you so much for this volume. It means more then you can know. In truth I did not think it would still exist. But since it does.. perhaps this means that the legend of her weapon is also true! Could I ask you to seek this out for us? Thank you! Speak to me again and I will tell you the legend."

"The legend says that there is a tiny island inundated with wild swarms of insects. These insects are the guardians of Tiameua's first weapon, the Exultant Sting. It is the hive that she used when she first became a hivekeeper. Her later weapons are said to be far more potent, but this weapon is supposed to be very useful to a beginning practicioner of the art. If you could find it, I would love to examine it"

Find and return the Exultant Sting:
Retrieve the waspnest from a mob in an island southwest from NE Naderu Outpost(Isles of Contention), The monster you are looking for is named Sentient Master Swarm Level 29 with approx: 1100 HP located near (33.3N, 63.2E). Kill the monster, loot The Exultant Sting and return to Rekemeua (29.0N, 54.9E) in Rakani and hand him the weapon.

Rekemeua tells you,
"The Exultant Sting! Hivemother be blessed, it still exists! But... interesting. The insects in this swarm are especially communicative. They tell me that this is not the first Exultant Sting. This hive is a descendant of the original! This is a lovely weapon, but i do not think I can learn anything more from it. Please, keep it as a souvenir. Perhaps a day will come when I can learn the whereabouts of one of Tiameua's more potent weapons. If that day comes, I hope that you will be able to help us again."

You recieve:

The Exultant Sting Damage: 120-150
Combat Delay: 10
Vigor Cost: 6

Effect on successful hit:
Exulant Pain: The biting insects of the Exultant Sting seem to actually be healing you, despite the incredible pain.

Requirements for Use:
Minimum Level: 24
Must be race: Tumerok
Must have skills: Agitate Nest
This strangely self-aware Hive has an odd behavior. The wearer is constantly bitten and stung by the insects in the hive, but the effects are nurturing rather than harmful. It is unknown how this effect is achieved. The insects are still dangerous to enemies - especially creatures of Decay.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Grudge