Temple Exploration


Quest Name: Temple Exploration

Requirements: Level 25, completed Temple Search quest


           140,000 XP

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Chief Ariatah (8.6N 75.8E) in Hakata


Head back to Carved Menhir(8.1N, 77.4E) and use it to get portaled to the temple. Once inside equip the Shiney Temple Amulet to allow you free passage past the Moarsmen)

Shiney Temple Amulet Shiney Temple Amulet

Take all Lefts and find a side chamber where a Deep Root Shrine is located, touch the shrine to advance the quest.

As you touch the shrine you feel a connection to the deep roots of Auberean. Somewhere far underground you sense a great sleeping power, a mighty but passive presence.

Head back to Chief Ariatah (8.6N 75.8E) in Hakata to complete the quest.

Ariatah tells you,
"You found a shrine there? More Moarsmen? Burun? Spawn? I don't know what this may mean. Please speak again to Keranua and Polauri. Perhaps they can offer advice on the next steps we should take."

Speak to Polauri (8.4N 75.9E) to start the next quest in the series, Into the Depths.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: Skinlab, Grudge and Widgeon