Ranger's Best Friend - Missing!


Quest Name: Ranger's Best Friend - Missing!

Requirements: Level 30+, must have completed Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher Treats


            80,000 XP

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Bartholis(28.7N, 72.4E), Ankoro


Bartholis tells you, "Oh dear, it seems Scraps has wandered off. He's probably found himself a cool den to hide in. I worry about him being off by himself, though. Can you go look for him? There is a little cave in the hills southeast of here, I bet that's where he's gone."

Travel to (24.9N, 74.5E) where you will find a Shady Den, double click the den and Scraps will come out. Escort Scraps back to Bartholis (28.7N, 72.4E) in Ankoro by foot, do not use a mount. The safest route is to retrace the route you came back to Ankoro. You will be randomly attacked by Poluted Mucors along the way. Your task is to keep him alive as you travel. Speak with Bartholis once scraps is near him.

Bartholis tells you, "You found him! Thank you so much, I was worried sick! Give Scraps a good petting before you go. Who's a goooood booooy? Scrapsy? Is Scrapsy the besssst Lasher? Yes he iiiiis! Scrapsy want a grubby treat? You should come back and see me and Scraps again sometime."

You must now give Scraps a goodbye petting, double click on Scraps to complete the quest.

"Scraps wriggles his tail happily."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab