Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher Treats


Quest Name: Ranger's Best Friend - Lasher Treats

Requirements: Level 30+


            80,000 XP

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Bartholis(28.7N, 72.4E), Ankoro


Bartholis tells you, "Say, my Lasher, Scraps, really loves grub meat. Do you think you could go fetch me a piece? There are lots of free-range grubs up near the Mushroom Grotto."

Take the Ferali Ringway (29.7N, 71.7E) to the Central Farali Outpost, travel north around the outpost, you will find Olthoi Grub and Olthoi Harvester Grubs, kill them to collect Olthoi Meat, Try to stay in the southern part of the area as the northern area has higher level Olthoi.

Olthoi Grub Meat

Once you have collected the Olthoi Grub Meat return to Bartholis(28.7N, 72.4E) in Ankoro, Hand him the meat to complete the quest.

Bartholis tells you, "Ah, that's a very nice cut of grub, thanks a lot! Talk to me again sometime if you're in the neighborhood."

Speak to him again to start the Ranger's Best Friend - Missing! quest

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab