Moarsman Mania


Quest Name: Moarsman Mania

Requirements: Level 25


           100,000 XP

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Polauri (8.4N 75.9E), Hakata


Polauri tells you,
"A pleasure to meet you, adventurer. Perhaps you can help us here in Hakata. There has been strange Moarsman activity lately centering around 6N, 79E. I wonder if you can try to figure it out? Try to avoid killing Moarsmen if you can, the poor things don't know any better than to defend their territory."

Find a shrine at (6.3N, 79.1E), kill the guards and use the shrine to summon a Moarsman Deacon, kill him to receive an Ancient Temple Amulet on his body. Return to Polauri (8.4N 75.9E) in Hakata. Hand the item to Polauri to complete the quest.

Ancient Amulet Ancient Temple Amulet

Polauri tells you,
"Well, dear, if you found a curious amulet, perhaps you should let me see it."

Polauri tells you,
"You say the Moarsman who bore this amulet came to protect a shrine? Intriguing. I can't make these runes out at all, but I know someone who might be able to figure this out. Please bring this amulet to Tuamoa. I believe you can usually find him around Sanctuary."

A new quest in the line will start called Ancient Amulet

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab