Ancient Amulet


Quest Name: Ancient Amulet

Requirements: Level 25


           28,000 XP

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Ancient Temple Amulet recieved as part of the Moarsman Mania quest


Travel to Tuamoa (8.0S, 87.2E) near Sanctuary. Hand the Ancient Temple Amulet to Tuamoa.

Ancient Amulet Ancient Temple Amulet

Tuamoa tells you,
"Interesting. This is a very old artifact. It dates back to the earliest days of Tonks on Dereth. Unfortunately I can't make out most of these runes, but at least one seems to be related to an old glyph for the Great Tree. I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you."

Take it to Deru Tree (28.1N, 55.1E) in Rakani. Hand the Ancient Temple Amulet to the Deru Shrine.

Great Deru Shrine tells you,
"Ancient roots dig deep and hold fast. Rot takes the dead, but new life springs from soft mould."
The amulet glows for a moment. When you take it back,you notice it has changed.

Shiney Temple Amulet Shiney Temple Amulet

 Return to Tuamoa (8.0S, 87.2E) near Sanctuary. Hand the Shiney Temple Amulet to Tuamoa.

Tuamoa tells you,
"You say the Great Tree transformed the old amulet into this new one? Fascinating! I'm afraid I don't really understand the Tree's cryptic saying, but these amulet runes are much clearer now. It appears that this amulet was worn by a shaman associated with a temple, I think, somewhere in the Hakata area."

Take it to Polauri (8.4N 75.9E) in Hakata.  Hand the Shiney Temple Amulet to Polauri to complete the quest.

Polauri tells you,
"Tuamoa's news is fascinating, but I'm afraid it's not terribly helpful, as I have no knowledge of any temple in the area. You should hold onto this gift of the Great Tree, though, perhaps it will be useful someday."

To proceed to the next part in the quest line go and speak to Chief Ariatah (8.6N 75.8E) in Hakata.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab and Grudge