Deflate the Parfal Nephanes


Quest Name: Deflate the Parfal Nephanes

Requirements: 23+


              18,000 XP

Time Limit: No Time Limit

Reset Timer: 6 Days

Start Location: Baliga (10.4N, 62.5E), Ikeras

Baliga tells you,

"On every eve of the fullest moon our hunters leave the safety of Ikeras to trap the meat our xuta will need for the next season. We smoke their bounty from these trips into dried meats and jerkies for our stores against the months of privation that may lie ahead. Lately, the Parfal Nephanes have been stalking our hunting parties, who have been forced to return to Ikeras empty handed. You must help us drive them away, or our stores will remain empty in the months ahead."


You must kill 10 Parfal Nephanes and return to Baliga.

They can be found around in the area of Northern Lumari Outpost.

After killing all 10 return to Baliga (10.4N, 62.5E) in Ikeras

"My xuta salutes your bravery. Allow me to reward you. Our hunters are still at risk, from an even deadlier foe. Speak to me again if you would like to lend us your aid"

Follow on Quest Deflate the Listris Niffis

Misc. Information:

Updated for Beta Patch 2

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab