Deflate the Listris Niffis


Quest Name: Deflate the Listris Niffis

Requirements: 24+, and have completed Deflate the Parfal Nefanes


                 22,000 XP

Time Limit: No Time Limit

Reset Timer: 6 Days

Start Location: Baliga (10.4N, 62.5E), Ikeras

Baliga says:

"The Listris Niffis have ambushed our hunting parties countless times. Our hunters' leather vests offer no protection against their poison, so they have no choice but to flee upon first sight of them. Aid us by destroying 10 Listris Niffis, and I shall reward you in my xuta's name."


You must kill 10 Listris Niffis and return to Baliga.

They can be found around in the area of Northern Lumari Outpost.

After killing all 10 return to Baliga (10.4N, 62.5E) in Ikeras

"Thank the spirits! Our hunters can once again venture in the jungles to provide for our people. For that I must thank you, in my xuta's name"

Misc. Information:

Updated for Beta Patch 2

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab