White Wedding


Quest Name: White Wedding

Requirements: Level 40+, must have completed Green Thumb


      % based XP, .5% Needed to level

Time Limit: 1 Days

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Silia Olvidan(18.2S, 18.0W), Olvidan Farm west of Keidelur


Silia olvidan tells you,
"Ohhhh, my ring! My Ring! It's gone! My engagement ring is lost! It must have slid off my finger while I was rerturning from the Kutan steading... but I've been over and over the ground, and it's not there! Please! Help me! I must get that ring back before -- Non of the Kutans must learn I've lost the ring, it could ruin everything"

Speak with Almahra Olvidan(18.1S, 18.1W) in Olvidan Farm and you will recieve a Disfunctional Dowsing Rod.

Almahra Olvidan tells you,
"Poor Silia! Lost her ring! I never! Well, I have something here you might be able to use to get it back, it just needs a little work, is all. here is my old dowsing rod. Problem is, the seeking crystal is broke, but if you can find a new one, you mjight be able to fix it right up."

Disfunctional Dowsing Rod Disfunctional Dowsing Rod

You will now need to aquire a Quartz Crystal of any size, you may be able to find on in the Curiosities Shops in major cities or through trade chat.

Quarts Crystal Quarts Crystal

Once you have aquired a Quartz Crystal, Double-Click the Disfunctional Dowsing Rod and use it on the Crystal. This will turn the Disfunctional Dowsing Rod into a Dowsing Rod.

Dowsing Rod Dowsing Rod

Return to the Olvidan Farm west of Keidelur, Double-Click the Dowsing Rod read the prompt message and it will guide you to the location of the Lugian Wedding Ring.

Lugian Wedding Ring Lugian Wedding Ring

Return the Lugian Wedding Ring to Silia Olvidan(18.2S, 18.0W) at the Olvidan Farm to complete the quest.

Silia Olvidan tells you,
"My ring! Oh, how can I ever thank you!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab - Thanks to Marsha for helping me get the Quartz Gem