Green Thumb


Quest Name: Green Thumb

Requirements: Level 40+, Must have completed Wild Hare quest


      % based XP, .5% Needed to level

Time Limit: 1 Days

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Matto Olvidan(18.2S, 18.0W), Olvidan Farm west of Keidelur


Matto Olvidan tells you,
"You're back again eh? Well, long as you're hanging around here, maybe you can help me out some. The crops have got the black mucor blight, worst case i've ever seen. Nothing I've done has made any difference, and we're in some trouble if the blight spreads. It'll be tough to keep the herd fed, much less ourselves. I'm at my wits' end, I dont' mind saying, and I'll take anyhelp I can get."

Talk to Adesar the Mushroom Collector (28.6N, 71.8E) in Ankoro.

Adesar the Mushroom Collector tells you,
"Black mucor blight? That's a horrible disease, all right. Fortunatly I know a cure... the first step is to prepare some dark syrup. I'll need a black dye plant for that which I will prepare with my secret herbs and spices."

Turn in black plant to Adesar the Mushroom Collector, you can find these in the Curiosities Shop in Cavendo or other Major cities, or farm for them using the Dye Maps.

Thananim Plant(Black Dye) Thananim Plant (Black Dye Plant)

Adesar the Mushroom Collector tells you,
"Excellent. Here is the dark syrup you'll need. All right, now you need to find a mucor mushroom. Splash some dark syrup on it and it will exude a sort of slime.... Collect some of the slime and bring it back." You recieve Dark Syrup from Adesar "This thick syrup smells foul. To try to smear it on something, double click on the syrup and select a suitable target."

Dark Syrup Dark Syrup
Mucor Mushroom Mucor Mushroom

Find a Mucor Mushroom, These can be found within the Mucor Mushroom Grotto(29.8N, 82.8E), northeast of the Central Farali Outpost(27.4N, 77.5E)
Use the Dark Syrup on a Mucor Mushroom and you will receive the Mucor Slime. Return to Adesar the Mushroom Collector (28.6N, 71.8E) in Ankoro and give the Mucor Slime to him.

Mucor Slime Mucor Slime

Adesar the Mushroom Collector tells you,
"Phew, that stuff is foul, isn't it? All right then... a few pinches of this and that from my own stores... and there you go. Black Mucor Blight Cure. Just apply it to the black mucor excrescense, and you should be all set."

You recieve the Black Mucor Blight Cure, a loathsome mixture said to be effective against the blight.

Black Mucor Blight Cure Black Mucor Blight Cure

Go back to the Olvidan Farm west of Keidelur and use the Black Mucor Blight Cure on the Black Mucor Blight Excrescence in the field near Matto. The quest will advance then speak to Matto to complete the quest.

Matto Olvidan tells you,
"The Blight! It's gone! You've saved our crops! Well done!"

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Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab