Tyke's Lament


Quest Name: Tyke's Lament(Group)

Requirements: Level 45+


      10,000,000 XP
      Tyrant Plate Gloves

Time Limit: 21 Days

Reset Timer: 14 Days Reset

Start Location: Tyke Geddon (18.3S, 14.3W), Keidelur(Linvak Massif)


Speak to the other two brothers before travelling to their father or gathering any components, this will save you time long term.

Karu Geddon (10.4S, 31.6W), Linvak Tukal(Linvak Massif) - Karu's Lament quest

Kiraly Geddon (4.8S, 44.8W), Arhovas(Linvak Massif) - Kiraly's Lament quest

Tyke Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith tells you,
"Oh my goodness, it's terrible, just terrible. Recently, in my father's absence, a hoard of tyrants destroyed our beloved armorsmithing shop, forcing my two elder brothers and me to flee for our lives. In the mass of confusion that ensued, we all became separated. I have heard rumors that my brothers survived and have fled to nearby cities. However, we have yet to hear from our father, who was out collecting ingredients at the time. Please, I beg of you, seek him out and deliver this note letting him know of my safety. If possible, return with a token from him so that I may know he is still alive. Thank you, brave adventurer, and make haste."

Travel to Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith (10.2N, 89.1E), located west of the East Vesayan outpost

Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith tells you,
"I am glad to see Tyke is doing well. Unfortunately time is of the essence and I must continue on my quest. Take these forging gloves as proof we have spoken. Fare well."

Darvain Geddon hands you Forging Gloves to give to his son as proof he is still alive. Return to Tyke Geddon(18.3S, 14.3W), Keidelur(Linvak Massif)

Forging Gloves

You give the Forging Gloves to Tyke Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith.

Tyke Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith tells you,
"Amazing! You have found him! Bless the heavens he is still alive. As recompense for aiding me in this matter I will enlighten you to the project my father, my brothers and I were so diligently working on at the time of our shop's demise. We have developed a new type of armor, unmatched by any other in both strength and durability. If you prove your worth to me, I might let you in on exactly how one might go about making such an impeccable creation. Bring me back the tooth from a tyrant and we will discuss this matter further."

Tyrant's Tooth

Tyke Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith tells you,
"Egads! You were able to collect the tooth! You are indeed a mighty hero. Please take this reipe. Due to the decimation of our shop we were never able to complete the collection needed to forge such an item. Perhaps someone as stoic as yourself can succeed where we failed. Good luck!"

You recive the recipe to create Tyrant Plate Gloves.

Icon Item Name Ingredients
Tyrant Plate Gloves
Unblemished Tyrant Scale
Silver (250)
Sinew (250)
Tyrant's Eye
Tyrant's Claw
Tyrant's Tooth
10,000 Gold

Once you make the item the quest will complete.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab