Karu's Lament


Quest Name: Karu's Lament(Group)

Requirements: Level 45+


      10,000,000 XP
      Tyrant Plate Hauberk

Time Limit: 21 Days

Reset Timer: 14 Days Reset

Start Location: Karu Geddon (10.4S, 31.6W), Linvak Tukal(Linvak Massif)


Speak to the other two brothers before travelling to their father or gathering any components, this will save you time long term.

Tyke Geddon (18.3S, 14.3W) in Keidelur(Linvak Massif) - Tyke's Lament quest

Kiraly Geddon (4.8S, 44.8W), Arhovas(Linvak Massif) - Kiraly's Lament quest

Karu Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith tells you,
"I cannot believe it. Hear my story, adventurer. My father, my brothers, and I worked in a smithing shop in the Gevoth area, perfecting a new type of armor--Tyrant Plate. While Pa was out collecting ingredients, the shop was completely ravaged by a hoard of tyrants. It was like they could smell their own kind in our ingredients.... My brothers and I panicked and fled in opposite directions. It is rumored they are all safe, but I am concerned for my father. Seek him out and deliver this note to him--he was last seen wandering the Vesayan Isles."

Travel to Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith (10.2N, 89.1E), located west of the East Vesayan outpost

Darvain Geddon, Master Armorsmith tells you,
"I knew Karu would be safe. Take this golden thread as a token of my appreciation. I must continue on my search. Go well, adventurer."

Darvain Geddon hands you a Golden Thread to give to his son as proof he is still alive. Return to Karu Geddon(10.4S, 31.6W), Linvak Tukal(Linvak Massif)

Golden Thread

You give the Golden Thread to Karu Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith.

Karu Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith tells you,
"I am reassured knowing he is still alive. As thanks, I would be willing to show you how to make Tyrant Plate Armor, but you must first prove your worthiness to wear such a fine creation. Bring me the claw from a tyrant."


Tyrant's Claw

Karu Geddon, Apprentice Armorsmith tells you,
"Incredible! your strength is indeed great. Take this recipe I have promised you and guard its secrets well. Perhaps you shall succeed where we have failed."

You recive the recipe to create Tyrant Plate Hauberk.

Icon Item Name Ingredients
Tyrant Plate Hauberk
Flawless Tyrant Scale
Stone (350)
Hide (350)
Tyrant's Eye
Tyrant's Claw
Tyrant's Tooth
50,000 Gold

Once you make the item the quest will complete.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab