Skull Totem


Quest Name: Skull Totem

Requirements: Level


      Fixed 4,500,000 XP
      3 Lucky Coins

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Mikaci (12.5S, 21.2W), Drudgerton


Mikaci tells you,

"Drudgerton has become a mecca for rumors, now that so many festival-goers are coming through here for the festival. I’m intrigued by one in particular. I’ve heard that a mystical skull totem lies at the bottom of the Crystal Caves. If the rumors of its great power are correct, I’d be willing to give a substantial reward for it."

Travel the Ringway back to Linkvak Tukal once you have entered the area head East, you will see the Crystal Caves on your map. The cave is mostly linear and will branch off in a room with wooden pillars Left and Right.

Take the Left the path it will take you to a room for the completion of the Quest, It will open to a large room with Gurogs, simply drop down and pick up the Skull Totem or fight your way down.

  Skull Totem 

Once you have collected the Skull Totem return to Mikaci(12.5S, 21.2W) in Drudgerton hand him the Skull Totem to recive your reward.

  Lucky Coin 

"Pah! This is a mere skull on a stick. And is that mold I see? This is worthless truck in my line of work, to be honest. A word for the wise, friend. Don't believe every rumor you hear, especially when they're uttered from the lips of drunken revelers!"

"Well no one can say that I've ever reneged on my promises. I offered you an reward, so here it is. You've proven yourself to be honest in you dealings. If you're interested in doing buisness with me again, just let me know."

Misc. Information:

If you take the Right path it will take you towards the Boss room where Cloudburst rests who is associated with a killing a random spawn of a Squalling Flayer at level 44 called Kill Cloudburst.

The cave is full of the three required creature types needed for the quest New Drudge Republic Gauntlet which you can recieve from Drillmaster Kriech(12.5S, 21.0W) in Drudgerton.

Walkthrough by: David

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge