New Drudge Republic Gauntlet


Quest Name: New Drudge Republic Gauntlet

Requirements: Level 40, Intended 46


      Fixed 6,000,000 XP

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Drillmaster Kriech(12.5S, 21.0W), Drudgerton


Drillmaster Kriech tells you,
"So, here's a mission for you. We've discovered that the Gurog are secretly reinforcing their cohorts inside the Crystal Caves. We suspect they're planning on turning it into a staging ground of their own here within the borders of the Thusik Delta. Well, we can't have a horde of gurog scheming away right next to Drudgerton Not if it;s going to be our new capitol, no sir!"

"Go clean out the place, and I'll think about recommending you to Elder Jrim for your next test."

Kill 12 of each of the following:
Gurog Collaborator
Gurog Elder
Gurog Infiltrator

Travel the Ringway back to Linkvak Tukal once you have entered the area head East, you will see the Crystal Caves on your map. The cave is mostly linear and will branch off in a room with wooden pillars Left and Right.  The cave is full of the three required creature types needed for this quest. Once you have killed all of each type return to Drillmaster Kriech(12.5S, 21.0W) in Drudgerton to recieve your reward.

Drillmaster Kriech tells you,
"Well done! That'll teach those Gurog to build their base within New Drudge Republic territory! You're entitled to become an Honorary Drudge as far as I'm concerned. Go talk to Elder Jrim now - he has an important mission for you."

Misc. Information:

If you take the Left path it will take you to a room for the completion of a Quest you can recieve at level 44 called Skull Totem which you can recieve from Mikaci(12.5S, 21.2W) in Drudgerton.

If you take the Right path it will take you towards the Boss room where Cloudburst rests who is associated with a killing a random spawn of a Squalling Flayer at level 44 called Kill Cloudburst.

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge