Master Vault of Linvak Massif


Quest Name: Master Vault of Linvak Massif

Requirements: Level 40+


            5,000,000 XP
            Crystalized Vitae of Linvak
            Master Vault of Linvak Key
            Hahnain's Eye

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Upon killing a Contorted Gleam near Southwest Stoneshadow Outpost and the Stoneshadow Vault


You must kill 3 Gleams in the following order to start and create the Master Vault of Linvak Gem.

  1. Contorted Gleam
  2. Deformed Gleam
  3. Distorted Gleam

Killing Gleams in any other order will produce a flawed gem that will drop you into a random location.

Gather a Fellowship and use the Gem to enter the Dungeon, You will need to find 3 Power Conduits and destroy them, then make your way to the portal to the boss room.

Kill the Archon Hahnain, and loot Hahnain's Eye (This is used along with the other two items found in the Osteth and Omishan Master Vaults for Chaos Eidolon), then proceed to the vault and use the Master Vault of Linvak Key to get your reward.

Crystalized Vitae of Linvak Use once every 22 hours.
Tranquility of the Living: Increase of 5 points of spellcraft the effectiveness of heals cast on you.
Hahnain's Eye Needed for Chaos Eidolon

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab