Atlan's Weapons


Quest Name: Atlan's Weapons

Requirements: Level 50, have completed Aerfalle's Generals


            % based XP - 9% needed to level with all subquest complete.

Time Limit: 48 Hours

Reset Timer: Heart of Stone and Refinery (6 days), Smith's Chambers and Atlan Weapons (13 days)

Start Location: Vothardun entrance (33.1S, 56.7E)


This is the second part of the Atlan's Weapons series, you will need to complete the first part Aerfalle's Generals prior to running this. You should have the Damaged Golem Heart and Mysterious Device. If not, see the Aerfalle's Generals quest to get them. You should be sure to have 12 open slots in your bag for quest items.

Damaged Golem Heart
Mysterious Device

Part 5: Heart of Stone

Travel to the Pyreal Mines (29.2S, 58.8E) in the Knorr Foundry area. All fellowship members will need to collect 9 pieces of Blue Pyreal Ore each. Avoiding the bigger rooms if your group is of minimal level would be wise, higher level groups could push more into the bigger areas which are inhabited by Group class undead. Use your Damaged Golem Heart on one of the Blue Pyreal Ore to recieve a Golem Heart.

Blue Pyreal Ore
Golem Heart

Enter Atlan's Foundry (33.2S, 62.2E) and enter the Factory door just inside. Each member of your fellowship must kill the Foundry Protector golem (Solo Class) to get the quest advance once they do all can enter the Control Room. Once you enter the Control Room you will receive the "Factory" quest.

Inside the Control Room you will find four golems guarding a gear kill them and go to the right where you will find a Mana Battery. Hand your Golem Heart to the Mana Battery and you will recieve a Charged Golem Heart in return. Head to the other side of the room with the gears to find a Black Slab. Hand the Charged Golem Heart to the Black Slab to gain a Imprinted Golem Heart. The Imprinted Golem Heart has the ability to summon a Repaired Golem but only three times. Do not click or give the Black Slab or the Mana Battery anything other than those items, Unstable Magma Golems or damage to your fellowship will occur.

Charged Golem Heart
Imprinted Golem Heart

Head back to the gear room and kill the golems that have respawned then use the Charged Golem Heart to summon a Repaired Golem. The golem will go to the center of the room and start repairing the gear. Defend the Repaired Golem until it has completed its task. Once it has finished repairing the gear the door to the Foreman's Office will open. The "Heart of Stone" quest will then complete (1% needed to level) XP gained.

Part 6: Factory

Enter the Forman's Office and kill the Foreman (Level 60) to complete the "Factory" quest you will then gain access to the Vent Shaft. (2% needed to level) XP gained.

Part 7: Refinery

Enter the Vent Shaft once the fellowship has prepared.Once you have entered A Vent Shaft Guard (Group Class) will attack, it has the ability to portal around the room randomly. Once you have killed it loot a Glowing Gem off his body, doing so will begin the "Refinery" quest. Use the Glowing Gem repeatedly until it ports you to the high platform near the Refining Maintenance entrance once all fellowship members get to this point enter the Refining Maintenance area.

Glowing Gem

Speak to the Maintenance Golem to recieve a quest to kill 10 Magma Golems. Enter the Sluice and kill the 10 Magma Golems. Once this has been done return to the Refinery room where you recieved the quest and speak with the Maintenance Golem again to gain access to the Refinery Chief's Workshop.

Enter the Refinery Chief's Workshop and kill the Chief (Group Class). Open his body and loot the Refinery Chief's Medallion. Give this medallion to the Refinery Golem (DO NOT give it to the Maintenance Golem or you will lose the Medallion). The Refinery Golem will ask for Blue Pyreal Ore. Give it all eight, and you will gain 8 Blue Pyreal Motes in return and a quest recipe to create a Pyreal Bar with the start of the "Pyreal Mines" quest. Take the time and create it now, you will need them later on for your weapon.

Refinery Chief's Medallion
Blue Pyreal Mote
Pyreal Bar

Use the Mysterious Device you recived during the Aerfalle's Generals quest on the Smith's Chambers door to access the next area and complete the "Refinery" quest. (5% needed to level) XP gained.

Part 8: Smith's Chambers

Enter the Smith's Chambers and a quest of the same name will start, begin killing the creatures in this area, you will be looking for A Blank Atlan Emblem. Each person in the fellowship that is creating an Atlan Weapon will need one. Once each has their Blank Atlan Emblem use the emblem on a weapon of their choice to imprint that type of weapon on it, that weapon type will be the one created, the weapon used will not be consumed in this process.

Blank Atlan Emblem
Atlan's <weapontype> Emblem

Head to the end of this area to find The Smith (Group Class) who uses magic attacks. Kill The Smith to complete the "Smith's Chambers" quest. His corpse will have 3x Attuned Tesserae and a book called Atlan's Weapon Recipes. You will now also have access to the Forge portal near the entrance to Atlan's Foundry. (3% needed to level) XP gained.

Attuned Tesserae
Atlan's Weapon Recipes

Part 9: Atlan Weapons

Read the Atlan's Weapon Recipes book dropped by The Smith to start the "Atlan Weapons" quest. You will now have quest recipes that require you to be at the foundry forge to craft. No minimal crafting skill is required, but it does require alot of materials, including the Pyreal Bars you made earlier. Being near the Forge too long will cause random undead spawns.

Once you craft a Atlan Weapon you will receive quest recipes for a harmonic and focus imbue to the Atlan Weapon. The harmonic imbues use a lodestone, and are temporary. The imbue adds 20% damage against a specific creature type (martial, arcane, decay, nature).

Elegant Atlan <weapontype> Damage: 287 - 383
Combat Delay: 13
Vigor Cost: 23
Dmg vs. Nature: 100%
Dmg vs. Decay: 100%
Dmg vs. Martial: 100%
Dmg vs. Arcane: 100%
Minimal Level: 50
Arcane Lore Requirement: 112

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: Billy Mountain and David/Skinlab