Aerfalle's Generals (Group)


Quest Name: Aerfalle's Generals (Group)

Requirements: Level 50+, Must have completed Foundry Gates


            % based XP - 3% needed to level

Time Limit: 48 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Day 4 Hour Reset

Start Location: The quest activates during Part 3, no quest giver


This is the Precurser to the Atlan's Weapons quest. Fellowship required, begin this journey at the portal to Vothardun (33.1S, 56.7E).

Part 1: Tinker's Workshop

Tinker's Workshop Map

Enter the Tinker's Workshop use the trap door on the floor to enter the dungeon. Follow the hallway making two left turns you will reach a area with 7 doors, the Master Tinker is located in the second door on the right. Kill the Master Tinker and loot the Mysterious Device (needed for the "Refinery" subquest of Atlan's Weapons) and then exit the workshop.

Mysterious Device

Part 2: Inquisitor's House

Inquisitor's House Map

Enter the Inquisitor's House and use the trapdoor to enter the dungeon, follow the hallway to the " T " intersection make two right turns then a left. You should now be facing a long hall, go down the hall and take the second passage on the left. head straight until you reach three doors, continuing straight will take you into a large room, once in this room head north to Fymras the Inquisitor. Kill him and loot the Damaged Golem Heart. You will see a small vignette and receive the "Heart of Stone" quest.

Damaged Golem Heart

Part 3: Meeting Hall

Meeting Hall Map

Enter the Meeting Hall and use the trapdoor, follow the hallway to the " T " intersection make two right turns then a left. You should now be facing a long hall from here follow the left wall to Lord Relos. Kill Lord Relos and loot his Troop Status report, you will now receive the "Aerfalle's Generals" quest.

Troop Status

Part 4: Officer's Headquarters

Officer's Headquarters Map

Enter the Officer's Headquarters and use the trapdoor, follow the passage until you see a door infront of you, make a left and enter the next door you see on the right. At the end of a short hall you will reach Marshal Aquilis' room. Kill him and loot his Burial Grounds Report.

Burial Grounds Report

Your task now is to find and kill all four of Aerfalle's generals (56-62) Group class. Each general will drop a key, all four keys are needed to enter into the Atlan's Foundry. 

Baron Colier's Key Baron Colier (31.4S, 56.8E) Level 56 - 37,500 HP
General Dreyvon's Key General Dreyvon (28.9S, 61.3E) Level 60 - 47,500 HP
General Sarocete's Key General Sarocete (27.6S, 64.2E) Level 62 - 52,500 HP
Lord Nuvillus' Key Lord Nuvillus (35.4S, 51.2E) Level 58 - 44,500 HP

Do not kill General Sarocete close to the center pillar, it can cause his corpse can glitch and you will not be able to loot it.

Once you have all four generals' keys, head through the Foundry Gates in Vothardun. Follow the path to the Atlan's Foundry Entrance. Use the keys on the entrance one at a time one you use the final key the quest will complete.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: Billy Mountain and David/Skinlab