Shapers Hoard Keys


Quest Name: Shapers Hoard Keys

Requirements: Level 1+ (Osteth), 15+ (Omishan), 30+ (Linvak Massif)


            Mined trait based key type, possible lodestones and tesserae

Time Limit: 10 Minutes

Reset Timer: 6 Days 20 Minutes per key type

Start Location: Location dependant on name of Key, Keys can be found off a Prospector's Corpse that randomly spawn.


The Prospector's Corpses have been found on Osteth, Omishan, Linvak and Arramora. Loot the corpse to collect the key inside.

Shaper's <resourcetype> Hoard Key of <continent>

Keys can be dropped, traded, or sold in Curiosity shops. The requirement to use the collected key is getting to the continent for that key, thus Omishan keys can only be done by level 15+ and Linvak by 30+.

Each key corresponds to a Shaper's Hoard, and all 15 are on individual quest timers. While this can be done solo, the optimal way to do it is with a full fellowship of 9. However, if all 9 run in at once and mine, there won't be much ore to go around. The best way to run this quest with a full group is three groups of three.


  • Crystal: 38.0N 5.5W (Arwic)
  • Iron: 25.0N 29.6E (Northeast Drudge Citadel)
  • Silver: 2.6N, 13.8E (Eastern Prosper)
  • Stone: 17.8N 9.7W (Molwirth)
  • Wood: 40.5N, 19.5W (Millstone)


  • Crystal: 6.1N, 38.3E (Western Kydi)
  • Iron: 29.2N, 50.8E (Rakani)
  • Silver: 32.8N, 86.6E (Northeast Farali)
  • Stone: 15.0N, 88.3E (Northern Vesayen)
  • Wood: 5.7N, 64.3 E (Northern Lumari)


  • Crystal: 16.6S, 10.8W (Western Oriad)
  • Iron: 26.5S, 29.0W (Southwest Stoneshadow)
  • Silver: 13.2S, 41.3W (Northwest Nepeth)
  • Stone: 2.2S, 31.6W (Northeast Winterhollows)
  • Wood: 9.8S, 17.3W (Eastern Thusik)

Using the key on the stockpile begins a 10 Minute quest. While this quest is active, anybody in the fellowship can click the hoard to enter the dungeon. Entering gives you a 5-minute "buff" which allows you to mine (independent of the 10-minute quest timer). Once that 5 minutes expires, you will lose the ability to mine and are portalled out of the dungeon.

Shaper's Hoard Stockpile Map

  1. The mines contain nodes of ore (3 uses each, like a normal node)
  2. Nodes are on a fixed 2 minute respawn timer
  3. Spawn location are fixed.

Break your fellowship into three groups of 3 and one direction each (left, center or right).

  1. Once the quest timer starts, only Group 1 enters the mine, and each person goes in their chosen direction.
  2. When the quest timer reads 5:10, Group 2 enters the mine. Group 1 will be getting portalled out around this time.
  3. When the quest timer reads 0:10, Group 3 enters the mine. Group 2 will be getting portalled out around this time.

This allows all nine people to mine for a complete five minutes without having to fight for nodes. When you enter the mine you will be facing north, and from this entrance point you will go in the direction as the group you were assigned. Left will go East, Right will go West, Center will go North.

Once inside do not stay stationary unless you are waiting on the respawn of your nodes. Mine a node and move to the next, continue this trend until your 5 minute timer runs out. When the timer runs out you will be teleported out of the dungeon. When the Quest timer completes its 10 minute cycle the quest will complete and you will be placed on a cool down for that key type.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab