Wiggles' Lucky Juju


Quest Name: Wiggles' Lucky Juju

Requirements: Level 18


      1,500 XP
      3 Pairs of Dice

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Wiggles (10.0N, 21.4E), Shoushi


Wiggles tells you,
"If anyone knew about my Lucky Juju, they’d all be pestering me to share it with them! That’s why I stashed it away, deep within the Fiery Crypt! Oh luckiest of jujus, I miss it so much! I must have it back. If you get it for me, I’ll make you the luckiest of all in Shoushi!"

Travel to Eastern Prosper Outpost and go north follow the water and mountain ridge on the left until you reach the area were Dantry the Warder stands then head south continuing to keep the ridge on your right. You will find a ramp downwards, the portal to the Dungeon will be on an island at the bottom of the ramp. Enter the portal. Once inside the dungeon is fairly linear fight your way through the dungeon and you will eventually find Wiggle's Chest. Open the chest and loot Wiggle's Lucky Juju.

Wiggle's Lucky Juju

Once you have the item return to Wiggles(10.0N, 21.4E) in Shoushi for your reward.

Wiggles tells you,
"Tueet! Take some luck, budhi, just take it! Oh beautiful juju! I must now snuggle with my juju!"

3x Pairs of Dice Increases your Luck by 25 points for 15 minutes.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab