Weaponsmithing by Click


Quest Name: Weaponsmithing by Click

Requirements: Level 15


      935 XP
      Drudge Weapon craft recipes

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Click (10.4N, 21.2E), Shoushi


Click tells you,
"So you’ve come to learn the arts of Drudge weaponsmithing from the master, eh?"
Click preens in self-contentment for a bit, then suddenly remembers your presence.
"Well, you’ll have to prove to me that you’re a worthy apprentice before I’ll pass on my knowledge to you. Bring me a Drudge Voodoo Doll, 200 Wood, and a few Carenzi Furs and we’ll talk. And just to show you that my heart’s in the right place, here’s a Drudge Practice Recipe to get you started."

Next you will need to begin the gathering of the items he has asked you to get.

1 Drudge Voodoo Doll A product of Drudge Armorsmithing-Practice Recipes
200 Wood Can be found by Surveying and Mining, or by purchasing at a Traits Shop in a major city.
4 Carenzi Furs Travel to Cavendo and take the portal to Omishan(16.2N, 29.1E), the areas around the drop off point you will find Veld Carenzi, farm these until you collect all the items you require.

Once you have the items return to Click (10.4N, 21.2E) in Shoushi. You can turn one group of items in at a time to save pack space while collecting them. Click will not take the items until you have all of the individual items full amount.

Click tells you,
"Well done. Now that you’ve proven yourself, I’ll need you to journey to Crotchet’s Hermitage out in the southern foothills of the Prosper Mountains. He may be half-cracked, but he makes the best iron nails in the region. If you can get him to part with a bag of them, I’ll consent to teach you the crafting recipes for Drudge weapons."

Travel to Eastern Proper Outpost then travel west and speak to Crotchet (1.9S, 17.0E).

Crotchet tells you,
"So you want some iron nails, do ya? Well, I’ve been out here all on my lonesome for a long time now, and I’m starting to miss the home-cooking of Shoushi. Now that I think of it, I’m too hungry to make any iron nails for you right now! Be a pal and refill my jug with some cool moonshine from Cedar’s cask. He won't mind! And oh -- bring me one of his tasty shwarmas too, will ya?"

Crotchet hands you Crotchet's Empty Jug and a Promotional Coupon. Take these items and return to Shoushi.

Crotchet's Empty Jug
Promotional Coupon

Once in Shoushi walk to where Cedar (10.0N_21.7E) is located, double click Crotchet's Empty Jug and use it on Cedar's Cask located behind Cedar. You will recieve Crotchet's Ceramic Jug.

Crotchet's Ceramic Jug

You will now want to hand the Promotional Coupon to Cedar to recieve a Shwarmas.

Cedar tells you,
"So Crotchet’s hungry again, eh? I wonder how many of these coupons he’s stockpiled up! Well, here you go."


Return to Crotchet (1.9S, 17.0E) west of Eastern Prosper Outpost and give him the Ceramic Jug and Shwarmas.

Crotchet tells you,
"This is going to hit the spot! Ok, I'll give you the nails. Tell Click I said hello!"

Bag of Iron Nails

Return the Bag of Iron Nails to Click (10.4N, 21.2E) in Shoushi to recieve your reward.

Click tells you,
"Good work, apprentice. Reflect upon the drudge crafter's motto, as proclaimed first by Elder Jrim: "A Board without a Nail is merely a Board!" Now hold still, and I shall teach you the recipes for Drudge Weaponsmithing. Good luck in your future endeavors, fellow crafter!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab