Quest Name: Trumped

Requirements: Level 46+


            % based XP: 47,600,000 XP Max Cap
            5,000 Gold

Time Limit: 10 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Jayna (42.6N, 6.5W), South of Arwic


Jayna tells you,
"Oh, that Fortune Teller! She's going to ruin my income if we can't renegotiate our profit-sharing agreement. But I can't spare the time to travel to Cavendo right now. Say, friend, would you mind carrying this contract to her for me? I'll certainly make it worth your while if you can spare the time."

Jayna's Contract

You have been tasked to deliver Jayna's Contract to The Fortune Teller in Cavendo. Travel to Cavendo and give The Fortune Teller(16.1N, 28.1E) the Contract to advance the quest.

The Fortune Teller tells you,
"The mysteries of true divination do not lend themselves to the mundane reckoning of commerce. If you wish me to accede to this agreement, you must prove yourself to be a true Seeker."

You will now need to find a Greater Trump card of "The Seeker". You can hunt for the item or you can purchase one from the Curiosities Shops in major cities. Once you have found one return to The Fortune Teller and hand him the Item.

The Seeker

The Fortune Teller tells you,
"Ah, just so. Very well, I will consider an arrangement with this Jayna. But she too must prove herself. Here is my counterproposal for her attention."

Fortune Teller's Counter-Offer

Jayna tells you,
"What? Outrageous! What does she mean, "I have to prove myself?" An experienced mystic like me? I never! And what could she mean by a Fate Card, anyway? Here, look, she says I have to give her a Fate Card of Vigor, whatever that is, or she won't sign an agreement. If you can find such a thing for her, we'll be able to proceed."

You must now produce a Fate Card: Vigor, to do this Meld together The Imperator + The Lord of Light + The Shadow to produce a Three Kingdoms Deck.

Three Kingdoms The Imperator + The Lord of Light + The Shadow

You must now use the Three Kingdoms Deck on a Lesser Trump of Drums, Ace through King. The Three Kingdoms deck does not get consumed in this process but will consume the Lesser Trump. The Fortune Teller only needs a Fate Card: Vigor and the type of card does not matter (Lesser Fate Card: Vigor) or (Fate Card: Vigor) will both advance the quest.

If you repeat the process through each of the 14 Lesser Trump of Drums until you see the Chat text "You transform the lesser trump into an optimal fate card!" then you have found your Lucky Number for the suit( You may want to remember this number). All other attempts will have the text "You transform the lesser trump into a fate card!".

Lesser Fate Card: Vigor +75 Vigor
Fate Card: Vigor +150 Vigor

Once you have made the item return to The Fortune Teller(16.1N, 28.1E) in Cavendo and give her one of the produced Fate Cards.

The Fortune Teller tells you,
"Oh? This is from Jayna? I am surprised, I had not expected her to have the knowledge to create such a thing. Very well, I will sign an agreement with her."

Now return to Jayna (42.6N, 6.5W) south of Arwic and speak to her to complete the quest and recieve your reward.

Jayna tells you,
"You did it! Thanks so much for your help. Here is a small fee for your time and trouble"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab