Top Secret Drudge Reconnaissance


Quest Name: Top Secret Drudge Reconnaissance

Requirements: Level 18


            1,000 XP

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Top Secret Agent Rivet (8.5N, 22.6E), Up on the ridge southeast in Shoushi


Top Secret Agent Rivet tells you, "My Secret Drudge Agents left Shoushi to spy on... err... I mean observe the movements of our fellow inhabitants of this region. It’s been a fortnight, but I haven’t heard a peep from them since. I must have their reports. Could you round them up for me? I’ll be sure to reward you for your time if you do."

Your job is to find and speak with the Drudge Secret Agents, to start travel to and use the Prosper Ringway. once you are at the Western Prosper Outpost travel east southeast to find and speak with Secret Agent Dowel (4.8N, 6.2E) and collect a Dowel's Update.

Secret Agent Dowel tells you, "Ah! Rivet sent you. And do I have an update for him! Take this to him, won’t you?"

Dowel's Update

Make your way back to the Prosper Ringway, and travel the ringway until you reach the Southeast Prosper Outpost, Ride east through the town and out the gate on the far east side, travel down the path until it opens up to a large area. Once you are in this area travel south Secret Agent Tackety (1.7S, 18.3E) is up on top of the hill in this location, speak to him to collect his Tackety's Report.

Secret Agent Tackety tells you, "It feels like I’ve been scouting out here for ages! And what I’ve learned so far would make a grown drudge shake in his painted war boots! I must send my report to Shoushi post-haste. Be a friend and take this to Rivet, could you?

Tackety's Report

Make your way back in the direction of the portal and travel north across the bridge following the road, you will find a hill with Secret Agent Bradlor (3.6N, 23.3E) in this location. Speak to him to collect his Bradlor's Note.

Secret Agent Bradlor tells you, "Hallo, stranger! Do me a favor, will you? I need to send an urgent message to the home office. I can’t leave my post right now – too much is going on right now. But if you’d take this note to Rivet in Shoushi, I’m sure he’ll reward you for your time."

Bradlor's Note

You will now need to work your way to Cavendo, from Secret Agent Bradlor's location travel back to the portal at the Southeast Prosper Outpost and find your way back to Shoushi. Outside of Shoushi you will find the portal to Cavendo at (11.3N, 22.3E). Take the Drudge Citadel Ring way until you reach the Northwest Outpost. Travel east through the small valley and up the hill between the mountains, follow the passage to the south until you reach a hill on your left, Secret Agent Stapletin (19.2N, 14.8E) will be at this location, speak to him to collect his Stapletin's Missive

Secret Agent Stapeltin tells you, "Fell plots abound, friend, and only madness will ensue if my brethren back in Shoushi aren’t warned in time. I must stay to observe the comings and goings from yonder Laboratories, but if you could take this urgent missive to Rivet in Shoushi, I would appreciate it."

Stapletin's Missive

Once you have all four items return to Top Secret Agent Rivet (8.5N, 22.6E), Up on the ridge southeast in Shoushi to complete the quest and gain your reward.

Top Secret Agent Rivet tells you, "Hm... the sum of all of this information is troubling to say the least. I’ll take things from here, traveler. Be assured that I’ll make sure the correct drudges are kept informed. The Top Secret Drudge Society thanks you! Allow me to reward you for your time."


Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab