There's something about Lahry


Quest Name: There's something about Lahry

Requirements: Level 30


      100,000 XP
      Rabbit Helm

Time Limit: 2 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Lahry (29.5N, 7.7W), east of the Town of Cragstone


Be sure to keep speaking to him until he has completed his dialog.

Lahry tells you,
"I'm cursed, I'm cursed..."
"See, it all started with my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather."
"He had a farm, but it was overrun by strange rabbits who ate his crops. He couldn't do anything but ask adventurers to clear out the foul, loathsome beasts."
"I left the Shelters hoping to build a farm, to do what my ancestor couldn't do..."
"But this time it's worse, oh it's terrible. THE HORROR!"

Lahry mutters to himself, "Come on, keep it together, keep it together, remember what is at stake."
"I built my farm and I was digging the caverns where I would grow my vegetables and..."
Lahry struggles to compose himself.
"...and I dug too deep... and... and..."
"The beast killed me in a flash, and when I awoke at my Lifestone, I saw rabbits streaming into my underground farm."
"They knew... THEY KNEW!"
"I crept back in... and what I saw... what I saw..."
"I tell you, he's building an army down there... I know it... I KNOW IT!"
"You've got to go down there and see what's going on. We've got to stop him before he rules the world!"
"He's breeding creatures down there... unnatural, twisted by some magic he's learned. Kill some of them. If you find any of their remains, bring them back to me and I'll see what I can make with them!"

Enter the dungeon portal next to Lahry, and kill every rabbit you come across, the first four rabbits are easy and most likely can be one shot. The rabbits beyond are much more difficult and have a higher respawn rate. The rabbits in this Lair also have a high aggro range. You will need to kill the rabbits until you recieve a Rabbit's Head in your Inventory.

Rabbit's Head

Once you have recieved the Rabbit's Head take the Exit Portal and give the item to Lahry to recieve your reward.

Lahry tells you,
"EXCELLENT! You've killed one of his unnatural beasts!"
"Yes this will do, this will do!"

Lahry hums to himself tunelessly as he works on the rabbit head.
"Good, good, it is still fresh and wriggling..."
Lahry's tuneless humming reaches a crescendo.
You received the item from Lahry.
"There you go friend! They will think you are one of them. THE FOOLS!"
Lahry laughs manically and you slowly back away...
"No, no friend! I'm fine, just overjoyed to know that you've sabotaged his plans for world conquest! Thank you! Thank you! Come back sometime if you'd like to help again!"

Mighty Rabbit Helm AR: 10
CD: 5
Rabbit Disguise: The Rabbit Helm keeps you from being detected by rabbits. Beware though, there might be some rabbits that can see through your disguise!

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab