Slay the White Rabbit


Quest Name: Slay the White Rabbit

Requirements: Level 30+


            Staff of Bunny Booty
            Drum of Bunny Booty

Time Limit: 1 Hour

Reset Timer: Unknown Reset

Start Location: Enter Lahry's Garden Southeast of Cragstone at (29.6N, 7.8W)


It is advised you WILL need a Requiescat to do this quest, Pookie can one hit most players especially at minimal level. He has been known to do over 1800 damage per hit. A good thing to know is Alias's to setup a /target Pookie and use a fast attacking skill on the target.


Lahry's Garden Map

Using the map above make your way through the garden, and into the large room on the left side of the map where Pookie is located. There is a set of doors, clear out the small rabbits around the door. If you have the Requiescat, use it at this point and apply the White Rabbit Slayer effect to a weapon you want the imbue on. The imbue will allow you to do 1 million damage in a single strike on Pookie, the effect lasts only 30 minutes.

At this point Once your weapon is ready, go through the doors. If you go too close he will attack, If you target him he will attack. As soon as you target him use a fast attacking skill to land a blow before he lands on on you, if you are not succesful in the attempt, you must return as fast as you can due to the timer on the slayer effect.

Once you have slain the White Rabbit, its corpse will be placed in your pack. Take this back to the surface and hand it to Lahry.
If your in a fellowship, only the person credited with the kill receives the reward.

White Rabbit Carcass

He will in turn hand you a Staff, or Drum of Bunny Booty based on your class and race.

Staff of Bunny Booty Damage: 206-275
Combat Delay: 10
Vigor Cost: 10
Drum of Bunny Booty Damage: 206-275
Combat Delay: 10
Vigor Cost: 10

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab