Quest Name: Return From The Sundered Lands

Requirements: None


            105 XP

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Create a Empyrean Character and enter the game.


This is the Empyrean intro to the world of Dereth.

You arrive in a fairly empty room, follow the passage and speak to Servitor Aleax.

Servitor Aleax tells you, "Welcome Master <username>! Your race has slept for many centuries, but fate has called you back to Auberean. Please read the Training Stone behind me to re-learn the basics of movement. Then seek out Servitor Bester to continue your training."

Speak to Servitor Bester who is down the hall.

Servitor Bester tells you, "Welcome master! This is the Hall of the Long Awakening, where you will find Training Stones to teach you about combat and Straw Drudges to hone your skills. When you are ready, Servitor Calatin will allow you to test your mettle against the bane of all Empyreans...."

Speak to Servitor Calatin who is down the hall.

Servitor Calatin tells you, "You are beginning to remember your powers, master Empyrean! Now you must demonstrate those powers by slaying an Olthoi Grub. Do not be fooled by the Grub's small size -- its ancestors murdered your race and drove you into exile! But these Grubs are shackled by powerful magic, and they will never escape this cage, nor grow into their full strength. Rip out a Grub's heart and give it to Servitor Devlin, who awaits you further up the Tower."

Kill a Weakened Olthoi Grub and loot its body to collect a Olthoi Grub's Heart.

Olthoi Grub's Heart

Once you have the items enter the Hall of Many Partings and speak to Servitor Devlin.

Servitor Devlin tells you, "Help! The Olthoi have blinded me! If you're a friend, give me the heart of a slaughtered Olthoi! Otherwise I will slay you -- I don't know how, but I will!"

Give Servitor Devlin the Olthoi Grub's Heart

Servitor Devlin tells you, "Oh, master Empyrean, thank Asheron you're here! The Olthoi Grubs are escaping into the Storage Hall and molting into Workers. When I tried to exterminate them, they shattered the Eye on my forehead! There are replacement Eyes in the Storage Hall, but the Olthoi are attracted to magic, and I am sure they have already hoarded the spares. I cannot fight them blind, but I can give you these potions and strengthen you for the battle...."

You recieved Potion of Thorns, Potion of Lesser Regeneration, Potion of Haste

Potion of Thorns
Potion of Lesser Regeneration
Potion of Haste

Travel down the path to the north, you will find Newborn Olthoi Worker's, kill them and loot a Crystalline Eye, return to Servitor Devlin and hand him the eye

Crystalline Eye

Servitor Devlin tells you, "Praise the Light! I thought I was condemned to a life of darkness, surrounded by chittering Olthoi! Take this Sundering Glyph. Use it on the portal to the Vault of the Sundering, and you shall win your freedom. I will never forget your kindness, brave master"

You recieve a Sundering Glyph

Sundering Glyph

Walk to the Vault of the Sundering vortex, double click the Sundering Glyph that is in your bag then when the icon turns into a circle shape click the swirling vortex. You will be transported into a new room, once in this room speak to Servitor Exodus.

Servitor Exodus tells you, "Hail Master <username>! You have proven yourself strong and compassionate -- a worthy light for darkened times. Now it is time to leave the Tower of Sundering forever. Use the Menhir Shard at the end of this passage to learn the fate of your vanished race. When you have left the Tower behind, seek out the Explorers of Dereth -- they will show you how to travel in the outside world. Now go! And return the glory of the Empyreans to this shattered land!"

By now you should be Level 3
Travel down the passage north to the Shard of Sundering and double click it. To see the Empyrean history and complete the Return From The Sundered Lands quest, once this is done you will recieve the quest Find the Arwic Explorer quest.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab