Rescue The Shelter Hold


Quest Name: Rescue The Shelter Hold

Requirements: None


      105 XP

Time Limit: None

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Talk to the Shelter Guard at the beginning of the Training Halls, he will give you the Quest.

"The Shelter is under attack! Drudge Diggers have penetrated the Shelter Hold. We must train you to help us fight them off. Double-click on thr glowing Training Stones like the one behind me to learn how to survive in our much changed world. When you have finished, talk to the Shelter Lieutenant!"


Talk to all the Shelter-NPCs as you follow the path and complete objectives. Follow the path and use all Training Stones until you get to the Shelter Lieutenant.

"The Drudges, armed with ungodly weapons, drove the first wave of settlers back into the Shelters. They have been our sworn enemies ever since. The next Training Stones are down the tunnel. They will tell you what you need to know to defend our Holding. When you are finished, speak to the Shelter Sentry."

Continue following the path and use all Training Stones then speak to the Shelter Sentry.

"The Drudges are up ahead! We must find their weakness in order to fight them back. If you find a special tool on them, take it to the Shelter Scout. She has gone ahead to gather information."

After talking to him you need to loot a Imbued Digging Tool from one of the Drudge Diggers.

  Imbued Digging Tool

Give the Imbuded Digging Tool to the Shelter Scout.

"No paltry Drudge Digger could imbue a tool like this - the Sentinels ahead must be their leaders! They must have somehow obtained Glyphs to our Shelter Shard in order to have entered in such numbers. Fight a Sentinel and take his Glyph. If he can use it to enter you can use it to leave. But first, I must bolster your strength."

After completing this the first part of the Quest is over and you will get 40 XP which will make you level 2 you will also recieve three potions.

  Potion of Thorns
  Potion of Lesser Regeneration
  Potion of Haste

The Shelter Scout will give you the task of following the path and looting a Menhir Glyph from one of the Drudge Sentinels in the large room beyond her. Kill the Drudge Sentinels and double click their bodies to loot them until you find a Menhir Glyph.

  Menhir Glyph

Double click the Menhir Glyph which is now in your inventory your mouse pointer will then have a circle icon to it click on the the Menhir Portal it will transport you to the Menhir Shard. Speak to the Advance Shelter Scout to complete this step.

"By depriving the Drudge Sentinels of their Glyphs, you have done your part to stave off the Drudge threat. You are now ready to reclaim our ancestors' world from our enemies. Put the Shelters behind you, and reclaim your rightful home. Once you leave, seek out one of the Explorers - they will show you the way to travel through the land."

Ending: Walk down the path  from the Advance Shelter Scout to the shard and double-click the Menhir shard. After using the shard, you will find yourself in the world of Dereth.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab