Rescue the Folk


Quest Name: Rescue the Folk

Requirements: Level 46+


      % based XP - 5% needed to level
      10,000 Gold
      Lesser Trump Purchace Discount from Avriya(5k discount each)

Time Limit: 10 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Day reset

Start Location: Araton (42.6N, 6.5W), south of the Town of Arwic


Araton tells you,
"Terrible news! Our runners say that a Wandering Folk caravan has just been attacked in North Osteth. It might be too late already, but if anyone can still help our friends, it's a famous adventurer like <playername>.... Please, take this wand! It was bought from a Dominion mage at great price, and it has great power. Just point it at any Wandering Folk you rescue, and it will portal them to safety. Their riches don't matter. Just save our friends, and we'll be forever in your debt!"

Wand of Rescue

You have been tasked to rescue the lost Wandering Folk by using the Wand of Rescue on them. The busted Caravan is located at (49.0N 10.0W), the Wandering Folk are located at.

Rheanura 48.3N, 9.9W
Vila 48.3N, 10.1W
Morana 48.3N, 10.2W

Once you have used the wand on the three return to Araton (42.6N, 6.5W) south of the Town of Arwic.

Araton tells you,
"Oh, thank the Light for your help! You've saved several of my friends. Please, accept tthis token of my appreciation. I've also asked Ivriya here to give you a special deal on Tarot cards."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge