Reaper Madness


Quest Name: Reaper Madness

Requirements: Level 18, Must have completed Thornling Rumble quest


      3,300 XP

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Gormery (9.5N, 22.2E),  Shoushi


Gormery tells you,
"I've just recieved some information from my secret source of information. Apparently the Thornlings are not working alone - the Reapers are behind their diabolical maneuvers. I can't allow our fledgling community here to be threatened by those Reapers - they must be repelled! If you'd like to help us bring me 5 Grim Reaper Horns as proof of their demise. I'll reward you for them!"

  Grim Reaper Horns 

Collect 5 Grim Reaper Horns which drop from Grim Reapers(level 19) located west of Eastern Prosper Outpost. The drop rate for these items are not often so farming for a while should be expected. Two types of Horns drop Reaper and Grim Reaper, only the Grim Reaper Horns will count towards the quest.

After collecting all 5 Grim Reaper Horns return to Gormery(9.5N, 22.2E) in Shoushi, hand him the horns and recieve your reward.

Gormery tells you,
"I’m sure the Reapers continue to plot against us, but at least this is a start. Here’s your reward, you’ve earned it! Now, Jlorryen over on the other side of town mentioned to me the other day that she’s looking for some help. I can’t imagine what it might be, but I’m sure she could use the assistance. "

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab