Rat Smashers


Quest Name: Rat Smashers

Requirements: Be able to kill a level 9 Dustbin Grutt Rathunter


      6 Hour +20 HP Buff
      300 XP
      70 QP

Time Limit: 3 Hours

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start the Quest:

Loot a Ratsmashers Charm off a Dustbin Grutt Rathunter which are common around areas North and East of molwirth, Once looted use the charm to begin the quest.

Icon Item Name
Ratsmasher Charm


You must kill 10 Dank Vermin(level 8) and 10 Tanglefoot Vermin(level 6). Dank Vermin can be found across Arwic and Lost Wish, Tanglefoot Vermin can be found across Esper Reaches areas.

Once you kill the last Vermin your quest will complete and you will recieve your rewards.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough By: David/Skinlab