Rashan's Revenge


Quest Name: Rashan's Revenge

Requirements: Level 15


      Drudge Bane Sword
      4,000 XP
      2,000 QP

Time Limit: No time limit required

Reset Timer: 48 Hour reset

Start Location: Go Southwest of Cavendo and speak to Rashan Twoblades (15.3N, 23.6E)


Kill the following in any given order.

1. Drudge Prowler, Drudge Robber, Drudge Mystic and Scowl Drudge (Found west of Rashan Twoblades, or along the ringway of Drudge Citadel)
2. Gloom Drudge, Drudge Cabalist and Murk Drudge (Found around Drudge Citadel, Head to Northwest Drudge Citadel Outpost (20.6N, 12.1E) and travel North then east, or go to Firey Crypt (5.6N, 16.7E))

Once you have completed killing one of each return to Rashan Twoblades (15.3N, 23.6E) and recieve your reward and a second quest will become active Burun Despoilment

Misc. Information:

Icon Item Name
Drudge Bane Sword
  • Drudge Bane Sword cannot be traded or dropped.
  • Inferno Drudges (such as Inferno Drudge Cabalists) count for the quest.

This is Part 1 of 2 Quest given by Rashan Twoblades

By: EdwardtheBlack/Skinlab