Osteth: Portal Beacon Blowout


Quest Name: Portal Beacon Blowout

Requirements: Level 15+


      30 XP
      Portal Shard x9

Time Limit: 3 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour reset

Start Location: Kill a Scowl Drudge Recruit or other named drudge in the on the Drudge Citadel Ringway area.


You have just intercepted a <creaturename> on his way to join his brethren at the <portallocation>. Find a way to disable the Drudge's Portal Beacon so they can no longer summon recruits to their siege. The Portal Beacon in the northeast Drudge Citadel outpost has the ability to regenerate itself at will. It will be very difficult to destroy it without help from another.

Travel to Shoushi and speak to Ghatnor (10.9N 22.9E).

Ghatnor tells you,
"I see you ran afoul of a Drudge recruit. Those Portal Beacons of theirs will just keep summoning reinforcements if they're not stopped! If you hand me any weapon, I could imbue it with a special spell that will help you smash those beacons to bits!"

Give Ghatnor a weapon that you can use, this will be the only means to destroy the Portal Beacon.

Ghatnor tells you,
"This will do nicely! Now for the lowdown: These Portal Beacons can regenerate themselves, lickety-split! The spell I'm going to lay on this weapon will disable their regenerative powers, so you and your fellows will be able to smash them to smithereens! Do not dally on your way to the outpost, friend-the spell's power will not last long."

Your weapon will gain the ability of Sledgehammer which dispels the beacons ability to absorb all damage.

Travel to the location that the quest states with your group. Kill as many creatures as you can around the portal once the area is under control destroy the portal before it can summon more Drudges. Loot the Portal Beacon and each member take just One Crystal Chip. This is all that is needed to loot the chest.

Crystal Chip The sharp tip of this crystal chip might be all you need to pry open the Drudge Supply Chest

Double click on the Crystal Chip in your inventory and use it on the Drudge Supply Chest. Inside you will find 3 stacks of 3 Portal Shards each with a town name in Osteth. They will open a portal to the given named town.

<townname> Portal Shard

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab