Mystic Rituals - Part 1


Quest Name: Mystic Rituals - Part 2 (Group)

Requirements: Level 20


      11,500 XP
      10 Drudge Rebound Potions

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Daggle (10.2N, 21.5E), Shoushi


Daggle tells you,
"The Eater of Bones dwells in the Southern Prosper Marches. All drudges cower at the mere sound of his very footsteps! Bring me one of his knuckle bones, and I’ll use it to teach Kybee here how to take his strength for her own. I’ll use my arts to reward you too. By the way, the Eater of Bones is rarely seen – but when he is found, he can be a terrible foe. I’d bring friends when you go to seek him out."

Eater of Bones

You will want to find help to kill this creature he has high hitpoints and does alot of damage especially to low levels. Travel to Eastern Prosper Outpost then travel west, you will find the Eater of Bones along the valley in random locations. He will drop multiple bones, one for each member of your fellowship. Return to Daggle once you have completed this task.

Eater of Bones' Knuckle

Daggle tells you,
"My ingredients list is finally complete, and I can teach Kybee the remaining rituals. Between us, I think she’ll ace her exams. I can only hope that Elder Jrim will agree! Take these for your troubles, and thanks!"

Drudge Rebound Potions Instantly restore 100 health

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab