Moonshiner's Hitch


Quest Name: Moonshiner's Hitch

Requirements: Level 17


      1,000 XP
      3X Jugs of King Corn Moonshine

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: King Corn Jr.(10.6N 5.8E), Prosper Marches


King Corn Jr. tells you, "Oh good. I'm looking for sober-minded individuals lend me a hand. We built our farm here hoping we could use those caves over there to the west. Nice and cool down there, the perfect place to stow our... err... fresh farm produce, yes! Well, the Fleshfeast Lasher down in those caves seems to have other things in mind. Could you help us by putting him down? I'll give you a sample of our farm cooking for free if you do!"

You are tasked to kill a Fleshfeast Lasher which is located within the Lasher Cave(11.0N, 4.7E), Enter the Lasher Cave, follow the cave unil it comes to a "T" interection here you will take a Left, continue following the cave until you come to the next intersection here you will make a Right, proceed forward until you find Fleshfeast. Kill him then return to King Corn Jr.(10.6N 5.7E) to recieve your reward.

Jug of King Corn Moonshine Moonshiner's Elation: increase your damage by 12 points while decreasing your evasion to magic, missile, and melee attacks by 20 points.

King Corn Jr. tells you, "You sure trounced that Fleshfeast Lasher! I bet it'll be a while before he comes slinking back!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab