Quest Name: Mist Opal


Quest Name: Mist Opal

Requirements: Level 11


      Opal Boots
      800 XP
      250 QP

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Go to Molwirth and speak to the Mist Shrine (14.1N, 0.5E)


After speaking tot he Mist Shrine  you will recieve the item Cracked Opal, head West to the Mist Caverns (19.6N, 12.0W) and fight your way through Dustbin Grutts and Filthminder Grutts until you find the Mist Fountain. Here you will fight a Sepsis Grutt that guards the fountain. Drag the Cracked Opal from your bag and hand it to the fountain. You will recieve a repaired Mist Opal.

Return to the Mist Shrine in Molwirth either by fighting your way back or using your Portal Recall. Drag the repaired Mist Opal from your bag and hand it to the shrine to complete the quest and recieve your reward of Opal Boots.

Icon Item Name Description
Cracked Opal Recieved from Mist Shrine
Mist Opal Recieved from Mist Fountain
Opal Boots Reward from Mist Shrine

Misc. Information:

  • A Order Cache is near the Mist Fountain
  • If you die during the quest it counts as a failed quest

Walkthrough By: EdwardtheBlack/Skinlab