Stealth and Speed


Quest Name: Stealth and Speed

Requirements: Level 11


      3,000 XP

Time Limit: 30 Minutes

Reset Timer: 2 Hours

Start Location: Kanten (16.2N, 28.4E), Cavendo


Kanten tells you,
"Sometimes, oh great adventurer, it's not how tough you are, but rather how quiet you are. Swift and silent... that's where you want to be. There's a friend of mine, a Drudge... that's right, not all the Drudges are bad... anyway, he's a recluse, staying a little bit outside the Drudge Citadel. Go visit him, making sure you don't harm a single drudge on your way there. You got it... no killing drudges. You don't want to draw any attention to yourself... or to him. Now hurry up, you don't have much time!"

You have been tasked to find the Drudge Recluse in 30 minutes or less without killing a single drudge along the way.

Once you have found the Drudge Recluse (20.4N_19.9E), speak to him the quest will complete and you will recieve your reward.

Drudge Recluse tells you,
"Stealthy and silent... Yesss... You are skilled, adventurer. Now leave, quickly, before you endanger us both!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab