Helmsmithing by Chex


Quest Name: Helmsmithing by Chex

Requirements: Level 15


      935 XP
      Drudge Helm craft recipes

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Days Reset

Start Location: Chex (9.6N, 21.4E), Shoushi


Chex tells you,
"Youngling! You are speaking to the Drudge who once armed the great training master Pectar himself! I’ve retired here to Shoushi to pass on my illustrious knowledge of Drudge helmsmithing. Are you up for learning the craft? Well, you’ll have to prove your commitment to the craft to me first. So let’s see. Bring me 1 Carved Drudge Fetish, 300 Iron, 3 Carenzi Teeth, 10 units of Walter’s Weald Wood, and a bundle of Cedar’s Iron Spikes! Yes, that should do it! And now, just to prove that I’ve got faith in you, I’ll get you started with your Drudge Practice Recipe!"

Next you will need to begin the gathering of the items he has asked you to get.

  1 Carved Drudge Fetish A product of Drudge Armorsmithing-Practice Recipes
300 Iron Can be found by Surveying and Mining
3 Carenzi Teeth Travel to Cavendo and take the portal to Omishan(16.2N, 29.1E), the areas around the drop off point you will find Veld Carenzi, farm these until you collect all the items you require.
10 Weald Wood Walter’s Orchard (5.4N_0.6W), south of Western Prosper Outpost, it will cost 300 Gold to farm the wood
Bundle of Cedar’s Iron Spikes You can Purchase the Iron Spikes from Cedar(10.0N, 21.7E) in Shoushi

Once you have the items return to Chex (9.6N, 21.4E) in Shoushi. You can turn one group of items in at a time to save pack space while collecting them. Chex will not take the items until you have all of the individual items full amount. Once you turn in all the items the quest will complete and you will recieve your reward.

Chex tells you,
"Tueet! No one can deny now that you’re committed to becoming one of the foremost Drudge armor crafters in the land. Now hold still, while I teach you the recipes for the finest helms a drudge can make."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab