Golden Bean


Quest Name: Golden Bean

Requirements: Level 46+


      % based XP - 5% needed to level
      5,000 Gold

Time Limit: 10 Hours

Reset Timer: 6 Days Reset

Start Location: Elenura (42.6N, 6.5W), south of Arwic


Elenura tells you,
"Wouldn't you like to buy a magic bean? Only 1,000 gold! It's magic! It's a bean! What could be better than that? Comes with free gardening supplies! Fun for the entire allegiance! Get yours today!"
You give the 1000 Gold to Elenura.
"Congratulations on your purchase! Now, let me tell you something. If you take care of a magic bean plant properly, you can grow a golden bean! At least that's what the peddler claimed when he sold me these things. I've tried and tried, but it never works out for me -- black thumb, I guess! But if you can grow a golden bean for me, I'll give you a great deal in return!"
"Oh, I almost forgot, if you have a problem with your bean plant, I have a few seeds left, so I can sell you another."

Magic Bean
Watering Can
 Mulch Trowel

Your goal is to grow a Golden Bean Vine. to do this hand the Magic Bean to the Garden Plot next to Elenura. A vine will appear. Drag the Mulch Trowel and Watering Can to your hotbar, this will make this task much easier. Focus the Magic Bean Plant and press your Examine key(Default "X"). This will allow you to be able to keep track of the Magic Bean Plants progress. Use the following table to guide you to keeping the Magic Bean Plant healthy.

Plant State Use this Item on Vine
Unhealthy Watering Can
Yellow Watering Can
Limp Mulch Trowel

As the plant grows its deman will become faster and you will have a chance that your Used item will have no effect. You will know it has not worked when you see the text "The plant magically evades your grasp.", when this happens repeat the last used item. Once the Plant has matured and become fully grown  you will be able to Double-click it to harvest a Golden Bean.

Golden Bean

If at some point you fail to keep the plant alive you can give Elenura another 1000 Gold to re attempt growing the Plant.

Elenura tells you,
"Oh, I'm sorry the first bean didn't work out. I tried a few myself, but I couldn't get them to thrive. They're definitely magic, all right, but they do seem a bit delicate.... Anyway, I still have a few left to sell, so here's another one."

Once you have Harvested a Golden Bean give the item to Elenura (42.6N, 6.5W), south of Arwic to complete the quest and gain your reward.

Elenura tells you,
"Whee! That's it! You've done it! Here's your reward!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab

11/10/2013 updates by: Grudge