Glyph Swap


Quest Name: Glyph Swap

Requirements: Level 11, Level 15 Intended


 1000 XP

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hour Reset

Start Location: Kanten (16.2N, 28.5E), Cavendo


Kanten tells you,
"Here's the deal. The town council is trying to stockpile vault glyphs, but we have a shortage of the ones for Prosper Vault. Get me one of those glyphs, and I'll trade you for one of our spare glyphs to the Drudge Citadel."

Prosper Glyphs drop off of Inferno Drudge Cabalist and Pain Reaper. Both of these can be located West of Eastern Prosper Outpost

Kanten tells you,
"Thanks, here's your glyph."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab