Gem Quest


Quest Name: Gem Quest

Requirements: Level 6+


1% XP needed to level, Maxed at 35,000,000 XP
2x Gold Value of uncut gems, 4x Gold Value of cut gems.
Gem cutter recieved after completing all 33 gem types quests.

Time Limit: 2 Days

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Ryvenna Orxon (16.0N 28.7E), Cavendo


Ryvenna Orxon will ask for a specific gem type. Below is the order she will ask for them. Hand her any size of the gem she asks, and you will be given 2x the items gold value of that gem. You will get 4x the items gold value for cut stones

Gems in order of requested:

1. Quartz
2. Obsidian
3. Malachite
4. Chalcedony
5. Carnelian
6. Bloodstone
7. Agate
8. Serpentine
9. Moonstone
10. Jasper
11. Citrine
12. Amethyst
13. Sunstone
14. Jade
15. Garnet
16. Zircon
17. Lapis Lazuli
18. Chrysoberyl
19. Spinel
20. White Pearl
21. Topaz
22. Peridot
23. Beryl
24. Aquamarine
25. Tourmaline
26. Star Sapphire
27. Black Pearl
28. Sapphire
29. Emerald
30. Ruby
31. Diamond
32. Pyreum
33. Starstone


  Gem Cutter  Increases the value of lower gems


Ryvenna Orxon tells you,"Thank you. Here is your fee."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab