Fate of the Scholars


Quest Name: Fate of the Scholars

Requirements: Level 54+


            % based XP - 6% needed to level
            Guardian of Dereth Robe
            Jewels (1 per collected Key)

Time Limit: 4 Hours

Reset Timer: 14 Day Reset

Start Location: Theoter (38.3N, 25.8W), Near Hero Shrine, Esper


Head to the first Thusik Rigway and find a Scholar's Corpse East of the Outpost. Loot his body to find a Large Chest Key. Once you have the key travel to the small encampment located at (3.1S, 18.9W) and use the key on the Large Chest.

Large Chest Key

Open the chest at (3.1S, 18.9W). Inside the chest you will find a Theodolite and notebook.

Geomantic Theodolite
Exothen's Notebook

Use the theolodite to guide you to the spawn location of a Portal Transit, Protect the Portal Transit from mutiple waves of Gruesome Vermin, and Abysmal Armoredillo. After 3 minutes, the beacon will spawn a portal. Enter the portal and head towards the south, once you can not continue travel east until you reach a sub boss named Nexi.

Kill Nexi (Level 63) 150,000 Health / 150,000 Vigor

Once Nexi is dead, a portal rupture will open to the Cachaphos Island. Travel up the mountain. At the top there is an entrance into the Heart of the Cacophos dungeon.

Once inside the Cacophos dungeon you will find 6 seals, you will need these seals weaken the final boss. Make your way down into the dungeon until you find a portal called "The Edge". Enter the portal to enter the final bosses chamber. Use the seals on the Protecting Stones on the outer edge of the boss platform, to use them double-click the seal and use it on the Protecting Stone of the same name.

Kill The Beast of Cacophos (Level 70).

Once you kill The Beast of Cacophos return to Theoter (38.3N, 25.8W). He will give you a robe and a key to use on one of the nearby chests. During this quest a player can get sometimes multiple keys but at a minimum of one, they stack so make sure you separate them.

Guardian of Dereth Robe Armor: 175
Lore: 85
The ability to enhance it with 3 jewels.


Use the key to open one of Theotors chest.

Inside the chest is a Jewel, you can use up to 3 of them on the robe to upgrade it. Each jewel will not fit in every slot.

  Guardian's Adroitness Jewel +5 T2 Hero Skill
  Guardian's Concentration Insight Jewel +5 Focus Passive Skill
  Guardian's Deftness Jewel +5 T1 Hero Skill
  Guardian's Expertise Insight Jewel  
  Guardian's Health Insight Jewel +5 Health Passive Skill
  Guardian's Power Insight Jewel +5 Damage Bonus Passive Skill
  Guardian's Vigor Insight Jewel +5 Vigor Passive Skill

Misc. Information:

Write-up is incomplete, once patch has been deployed quest will be updated.

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab