Factotum Messenger


Quest Name: Factotum Messenger

Requirements: Level 11+


            750 XP

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hour Reset

Start Location: Kanten (16.2N, 28.4E), Cavendo


There are 3 versions of this quest, dependant on the version you recieve you will be directed to deliver an insignia to a specific Factotum located in a specific city.

Version 1:

Kanten tells you, "Curse that Arwic Factotum! I'm on to him... I know that Cavendo is a plush location, and I'm not giving it up! I don't care who his brother-in-law is. I'll be damned if I give him this insignia in person.... Hey! Why don't you do it for me? Give Orven the insignia and you'll be rewarded."

Human Insignia

Deliver the insignia to Orven, the factotum of Arwic (44.9N, 7.1W). Within the Town of Arwic

Orven tells you, "Ahh, poor little Kanten. Having to send me this insignia must be a bitter pill for him. Let me tell you, he is not long for his position. It won't be long before I am the Cavendo Factotum and he is off in Shoushi with the crones... or maybe riding herd on the reedsharks in Molwirth would be more his speed. I'll have to think about that...."

Version 2:

Kanten tells you, "I hope you don't mind me asking this, but how do you tell if a Lugian is female? Is there some kind of secret hand sign? Because I gotta tell ya, I think if I were one of you, I'd be mighty embarrassed on more than one date, if you know what I mean... ahem, yes, well, if you'd be so kind, please take this insignia over to the Factotum in Millstone? He'll know what to do with it. Or, er, maybe she will."

Lugian Insignia

Deliver the insignia to Melas, the Factotum of Millstone (37.5N, 19.9W). Within the Town of Millstone.

Melas tells you, "Thank you for the insignia. I hope that Kanten didn't offend you too much. One day he will get his head squeezed in... not by me of course... maybe my boyfriend will do it...."

Version 3:

Kanten tells you, "Do you get annoyed when people call you furface? Oh, they don't say that? What do they call you then? Tailhopper? Treeshark? I'm sorry... that was insensitive of me, eh? Well, if you could bring this to your fellow fur-- I mean, to the Kehan Factotum, I would be grateful."

Tumerok Insignia

Deliver the insignia to Rhath'Elen, the Factotum of Kehan (43.0N, 11.7E). Within the Town of Kehan.

Rhath'Elen tells you, "Greetings! Thank you for delivering this to me so promptly. Yes, Kanten is quite the interesting fellow. As the human saying goes, 'It takes all kinds of rotten eggs to make an omelet.'" "It is very quiet here. This is a good place for spiritual calmness. Cavendo is so much more... fraught. It's just as well Kanten has that job, a busy role for a busy little human."

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab