Champion Gauntlet


Quest Name: Champion Gauntlet

Requirements: Level 20


% Based XP

level Based Gold value.

Frenzy Potion

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 22 Hour Reset

Start Location: Master of the Gauntlet,Cragstone Excavation(32.4N, 7.2W), East of Cragstone


Speak to the Master of the Gauntlet to start the quest. You then use the Gauntlet Portal to your first opponent, after you kill the current opponent another will appear. You can stop the current battle by going back and speaking to the Master of the Gauntlet for award fitting the level of last creature defeated but, if you die you recieve nothing.

Master of the Gauntlet tells you,

"Welcome, brave gladiator! Enter the portal before you to compete in your first fight. If you are defeated, you will lose all! If you survive, you will proceed to face another, stronger foe. If you cravenly return before you have defeated all your opponents, I will give you some lesser reward, but if you manage to beat all your foes, you will receive a great boon!"

Name Level HP
Ulu Sclavus 26 630HP
Glissna Niffis 26 665HP
Tsunami (Elemental) 27 765HP
Atrophied Mucor 28 720HP
Skeleton Gladiator Apprentice 29 810HP
Opor Nefane 30 865HP
Olthoi Harvester Grub 31  920HP
Rank Moarsman 32  1,050HP
Foul Moarsman 33 1,150HP
Olthoi Gradener Grub 34 1,150HP
Fire Elemental 35 1,300HP
Serene Moarsmen 36 1,350HP
Sephal Nephane 37 1,350HP
Inferno 38 1,550HP
Olthoi Grub Spitter 39 1,500HP
Skeleton Gladiator Apprentice 40 1,600HP
Atracious Beetle 41 1,700HP
Banderling Raver 42 1,800HP
Onyx Phyntos Wasp 43 1,800HP
Lightning Elemental 44 2,150HP
Stoneshark 45 2,000HP
Astyrrian (Elemental) 50 2,950HP
Effigy Spawn 55 5,000HP
Veteran Skeletal Gladiator 60 5,400HP
Furious Chaos Wisp 65 5,600HP
Skeletal Gladiator Champion 75 10,600HP

Master of the Gauntlet tells you,

"Astonishing! You have defeated all your foes! Congratulations, you have earned a great reward... Er, wait, where's that golden gladius got to? Heh, well, take this potion, it served me well when I was a champion, perhaps it will serve you too."

Frenzy Potion

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab