Quest Name: Busted!

Requirements: None



Time Limit: Unknown

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Attack Officer Cameron in Cragstone (32.2N, 12.8W), Ikeras (10.1N, 62.5E), and Linvak Tukal (10.4S, 31.4W), and receive a ticket for 'not being nice to people'.


Kill him to receive the "BUSTED!" quest.
After a short time in jail cell, you receive a 10hr buff timer , "You've been busted! You killed Officer Cameron! You better watch your step or you might get another ticket!"


The ticket reads,

"Looks like you got yourself a ticket! Officer Cameron was not pleased with you."

The ticket is inscribed by Anonymous to read,:

 "In memory of John "Crank" Cameron."

Repeated killing results in more tickets! They are attuned but can be transmuted for 1g each.

"John Cameron was a Turbine employee who passed away during the first release years of Asheron's Call 2"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab