Burun Despoilment


Quest Name: Burun Despoilment

Requirements: Level 15 and have completed Rashan's Revenge


Temporary Damage boost lasting 6 Hours

6,000 XP

1,200 QP

Time Limit: 1 Hour

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Go Southwest of Cavendo and speak to Rashan Twoblades (15.3N, 23.6E)


Once you have completed the Rashan's Revenge Quest you will recieve this quest. You must click on three Idols that are tot he west of Rashan Twoblades. It this does not take long if you have aquired a mount but this quest can be completed on foot. You will want to avoid as many monsters along the path as possible and rest when you take damage. Travel tot he following locations and click on the Idols.
  • Touch the Idol of Fortitude (15.8N 20.5E)
  • Touch the Idol of Might (15.8N 18.4E)
  • Touch the Idol of Speed (15.5N 16.8E)
Each Idol will apply a Curse that will weaken you, once you make it back to turn in the quest the curses will be removed. If you happen to die before turning the quest back in you will fail the quest and have to endure the full length of each curse.

Return to Rashan Twoblades (15.3N, 23.6E) and recieve your reward

Misc. Information:

This is Part 2 of 2 Quest given by Rashan Twoblades

Walkthrough By: David/Skinlab