Broth of Tanacha


Quest Name: Broth of Tanacha

Requirements: Level 8


850 XP
800 QP
Broth of Tanacha (Temporary +100 to Vigor when used) 

Time Limit: 6 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hour Reset

Start Location: Cauldron of Tanacha (28.1N, 3.9E), North of Rithwic


A relic left behind by the Crones who once inhabited this region. Add the correct ingredients to this cauldron to recieve a vigor-boosting broth.

After speaking to the Cauldron you are now tasked with the following.

You must:
Slay a Shear Beetle and retrieve their Flesh
Slay a Carrion Shreth and retrieve their Blood
Slay a Reedshark Elder and retrieve their Talon
Slay a Fierce Sandy Armoredillo and retrieve their Scale
Slay a Hamekh Scraven and retrieve their Oil

First hunt south of the Cauldron but north of Rithwic you can find Carrion Shreth and Fierce Sandy Armoredillo in the general open area.

Carrion Shreth Blood
 Fierce Sandy Armoredillo Scale 

Make your way to Rithwic around the outskirts of the town you will find Shear Beetles. Kill a Shear Beetle and loot its Flesh

 Shear Beetle Flesh

Travel into Rithwic and take the portal to Cavendo (23.7N, 4.6E), once at Cavendo take the portal to Shoushi (16.2N, 28.5E), run West and take the Prosper Marches Ringway to Northwest Forest. Once here search the area around the Outpost and you will find Hamekh Scraven. Kill a Hamekh Scraven and loot its Oil.

 Hamekh Scraven Oil

Return to the ringway and make your way back to Shoushi, then take the portal to Cavendo take the Citadel Ringway to Southwest Outpost (16.1N, 3.9E) follow the ringway until you reach the Drudge Citadel Northeast Outpost (29.9N, 30.0E). Travel East and you will find Reedshark Elder along the coast. Kill a Reedshark Elder and loot its Tendon.

  Reedshark Tendon

Once you have all five items and have killed all five creatures return to the Cauldron of Tanacha (28.1N, 3.9E), North of Rithwic. Hand each item to the cauldron then double click the cauldron to complete the quest and recieve your reward.

  Broth of Tanacha A temporary Vigor boost, increasing your magical capacity. Destroyed on use.

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David

Updated 10/22/2013