Attack Preparation


Quest Name: Attack Preparation

Requirements: Level 11+


            1500 XP

Time Limit: 2 Hours

Reset Timer: 2 Hour Reset

Start Location: Kanten (16.2N, 28.4E), Cavendo


Kanten tells you, "This is a serious task-not just for me this time, but for all of us here. The town is going to assemble a force to punish those undead raiders who've been making our lives miserable lately. But we need to stock up on the antidote for their cursed venom. Get me three doses of antidote and you'll be rewarded."

Kanten has asked for 3 Antidotes to the Curse of the Undead.

Travel to Kehan by taking the portal to Cragstone, travel to the Kehan portal located south of the city of Cragstone and enter it. Once in Kehan take the Lost Wish Ringway portals to the South East Lost Wish Outpost. From the outpost, head to approximately 42.0N, 22.0E.

Once in this location start killing Empowered Drudge Outcast, and Undead Carrion Shreth and collect 3 Infectious Slime and 3 Undead Venom. Once you have all six. Open your Skills Window select the Craft tab and scroll down to Quest Recipes, you will find the recipe to create the Antidote to the Curse of the Undead.

IMPORTANT: While fighting these creatures you have a chance to become cursed with Curse of the Undead, you will need to make an antidote and use it to remove the curse before its timer hits 0. If the Curses timer hits 0 then you will die.

Make all 3 required then return to Kanten (16.2N, 28.4E) in Cavendo, hand him the items to complete the quest

Kanten tells you, "Excellent! Now we can teach those undead wretches a lesson!"

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab