Arwic Mines and Crafting Quest


Quest Name: Arwic Mines and Crafting Quest

Requirements: Level 1+

Reward:     150 XP and 200 QP

Arwic Outlands Glyph

Crude Flat Hammer

The Shaper's Guide

Time Limit: 24 Hours

Reset Timer: Unknown

Start Location: Talk to the Arwic Mines Overseer at (43.9N, 6.5W) in Arwic

"Arwic's rebuilding efforts have stalled! Supplies were cut off when the Drudge Outcasts overran my mines. The miners dropped their flat hammers during their escape. If you clear out the Drudges and return with a hammer, I will teach you the basics of crafting."


Go to the New Arwic Mines located at (45.6N, 2.6W), Kill Drudge Outcasts until you find a Crude Flat Hammer.

 Crude Flat Hammer 

Once you obtain the item return to the Arwic Mines Overseer (43.9N, 6.5W)  and hand him the Crude Flat Hammer.

"Good! I see you have returned with your flat hammer! Keep it -- it's yours! And here's a small supply of Iron as well. It's not much, but it'll get you started."

Iron  Iron 

The Arwic Mines Overseer has tasked you with making a Short Sword from the Iron he gave you. Open your Skills window and Click the Crafting Tab scroll downto the bottom where you will see Quest Recipes.

Inside this section you will find a section called Arwic Mines Overseer and within it you will find a recipe called Arwic Mines Short Sword. Click on the set of Calipers Icon next to the text Arwic Mines Short Sword, a window will open up asking for the ingredients 20 Iron.

Drag the 20 Iron the Overseer has given you from your inventory to the empty space in the Ingredients window labeled "20 Iron" then press the "craft" button at the bottom of the window. This will make a Arwic Mines Short Sword

Arwic Mines Short Sword   Arwic Mines Short Sword

Hand the now crafted Arwic Mines Short Sword to the Arwic Mines Overseer.

"Thanks for all your help! If you seek further adventure, perhaps you could help a friend of mine in Lost Wish? She's been battling the Drudge scourge over in her neck of the woods as well!"

You will then recieve:

Arwic Outlands Glyph  Arwic Outlands Glyph
The Shapers Guide   The Shaper's Guide

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab