Armoredillo Doom


Quest Name: Armoredillo Doom

Requirements: Level 3+


150 XP
25 QP

Time Limit: 3 Hours

Reset Timer: 24 Hours Reset

Start Location:

Armoredillo Ancestor Head (40.7N, 13.6W), Millstone
Armoredillo Ancestor Head (43.6N, 7.9W), Arwic
Armoredillo Ancestor Head (42.2N, 12.9W), Kehan


Armoredillo Doom Ancestor tells you,
"The Armoredilloes have become terrible nuisance in the north region of Arwic Outlands and the northwest regions of Lost Wish and Esper Reaches. Slay 10 Armoredillos, and I will reward you when you kill the final one."

Find and kill 10 Sandy Armoredilloes,
The easiest way to locate these is to head to Arwic, northwest of the Armordillo Ancestor Head at (43.6N, 7.9W), you will find a pack of five Sandy Armoredillo at (44.1N, 8.3W). Slay them and your quest will complete once you have slain the last one.

Misc. Information:

This quest works in conjunction with Quest: Crush the Sandy Armoredillos given by Shiela Ondaran(44.2N, 7.1W) in Arwic.

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab