Virindi Training


Quest Name: Virindi Training

Requirements: Level 7+


            % based XP - 1.5% needed to level
            Virindi Vitality - 10 Hour Buff

Time Limit: 7 Days

Reset Timer: 7 Day Reset

Start Location: Virindi Adumbrator (10.4N_63.2E), Ikeras


Virindi Adumbrator tells you,
"Greetings, fellow sapient. I perceive you wish to visit Dominion Center. We are always willing to display the splendor of the Singularity to prospective citizens."

Virindi Training Map

After you enter take the path on the left if you look to your right hand side you will see a portal fairly close to you click it to select it and step back to get running distance jump off the passage towards this portal and press your "USE" key (default is "F" on your keyboard) as soon as you get close to it. IF your attempt is unsuccessful you may be better off  continuing down the path and jumping down from the top onto the various platforms making your way to the portal.

Once you enter the portal you will be teleported to the Neonate Training Ground, you will see three passages the one to the Right takes you to the Green and Blue Courses, the Left passage takes you to the Red and Yellow Courses. Directly infront of you is the goal of this area but you must complete the four courses to enter it.

1. Yellow Buff

Run left, take left passage once at the end jump off the end onto the passage below. You will find your way to four levels with 5x5 platforms. The Squares have a pattern on them the ones you walk on as you approach the levels have the same pattern as the solid squares on the first level. your jump distance has been increased and it is advised you account for this when jumping from platform to platform.

Make your way using the floor pattern until you reach the portal on the opposite side. this will teleport you to the next level upward. the next few levels work the same way but the path to the portal will change at each level. Use the pattern on the platform you enter on as the guide for the pattern you need to stay on. the middle two levels are the hardest as the platforms clarity is obscure with the levels below them. Once you reach the top make your way to the final portal use it to get to the Yellow Portal to recieve the Yellow Buff.


2. Red Buff

Run left, take right passage. Jump to the platform below, use the portal on this platform to access the Red Portal for your Red Buff.


3. Blue Buff

Run right, take right passage. You'll see several platforms one above another with green and red portals. They all have a wall on the back side of them except one, that one is your goal. Randomly use the portals red and green untill you get to the platform without the wall. Jump to the platform below take the portal, it will put you on the platform to get your Blue Buff by using the Blue Portal.

4. Green Buff

Run right, take right passage. You will see 4 blue portals next to each other with a 5th portal a bit higher on the left. The 5th portal is your goal.

Directly infront of you is the portal you will need to use to start the trial. Select this portal and zoom out (far enough that you can still move and see what is going on) and place your camera looking down onto your character. Do not run into the portal, use your "USE" key (default is the "F" key) to enter the portal. Not using your "USE" key will make you miss the portal you are trying to fall down into.

Once you enter the portal you will fall directly down into another portal(the one on the far right) and this process will continue until you reach the portals on the left side. as this is happening do your best to select the 5th portal. you can do this by clicking on it in the main window or by selecting it on your Radar. As soon as you fall down the 4th time use your USE key again to enter the last portal to access the Green Portal for your Green Buff and be teleported back to the start point once more.


From the start point once you have all four buffs walk straight ahdead you will see a row of portals a color for each of the buffs you have attained. walk through them and you will see a Purple Portal, walk into it to be taken to the next trial in the Purple Section.

This is a low-gravity area more so than the previous. It will take some getting used to the jump distance aswell as the timing. When possible jump diagonally as this gives you more room to land. DO NOT attack the red virini monitors or jump onto the same platform as them. The yellow neonates are attackable and one shotable, this will help you clear your way in many cases. when jumping from one platform to another not diagonally  jump from as far back on the platform as possible. Always press the walk backwards key after a jump as your character will tend to continue to move forward upon landing.

Work you're way trough to the obstacle to the platform on the opposite corner from the start location. Enter the portal to the Imperatorial Court and speak to Imperator Thromer Olvidan to complete the quest.

Imperator Thromer Olvidan tells you,
"Congratulations on your completion of the Neonate Virindi Training course. The Quiddity is surprised that so many mortals have been able to accomplish this feat. We hope that it will lead eventually to greater understanding between the Virindi and the mortal peoples of Dereth."

Virindi Vitality The Arcane power of portalspace energizes your body - Lasts 10 Hours

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab