Unlock the Altars


Quest Name: Unlock the Altars

Requirements: Level 15+, must be aligned with a Kingdom(Order, Dominion, Shadow)


            +100 Kingdom Points, to a maximum of 1200

Time Limit: 2 Days

Reset Timer: None

Start Location: Speak with your Kingdom NPC in Ikeras


Kingdom Kingdom Omishan Leader Coords
Order The Hand of Asheron 10.1N, 62.0E
Shadow The Mistress of Shadow 10.8N, 62.2E
Dominion The Servant of The Empire 9.6N, 63.1E

Before speaking to your Kingdom leader in Ikeras collect 3 of each type of Pyreal(Ferrous, White, and Ebon). They can be found on Drudge(Ferrous - Osteth), Burun(White - Omishan), and Gurog(Ebon - Linvak Massif). This is the minimum amount required and you may wish to bring more than this amount to be successful.

Ferrous Pyreal
White Pyreal
Ebon Pyreal

Travel to the general area of (41.0N, 68.0E) off the Naderu Ringway. Here you will find an altar for each Kingdom.

Hand one Pyreal in at a time to the altar that corresponds to your Kingdom in the correct order. The order is random and you may need to make several attempts. Use the guide below to help with finding the order needed.

  Order 1 Order 2 Order 3
Order 4
Order 5
Order 6

Misc. Information:

Walkthrough by: David/Skinlab